All You Need To Know About Hataraki Man Anime

Hataraki man literally stands for working man. The series is about Matsusaka Hiroko, a woman who happens to be a workaholic. Her busy nature comes at a cost to her as she starts to drift away from both her boyfriend and social life. This series is more of a drama and has great character and story development as well as some solid voice overs. More interesting is the fact that the series is in the slice of life genre.

Superb animation and sounds

It is also well animated and its setting pretty much conveys the episode’s mood. The sort scenes in the episodes are synergised together to create a compelling story that is short enough to interest you and not a second longer to get you bored. Its pace is consistently quick and its scenes also leave the viewer in anticipation and suspense about the next scene. Its relaxed style will also keep you wondering as to whether you really are watching an anime series.

The anime also has some catchy songs that set the aura of most of the episodes. The opening and ending themes are also quite unique and well chosen for the series in terms of quality and their sense of connection to the whole series. The sounds go hand in hand with the animation and in as much as the animation goes off during some parts of the series (usually at the end), the sounds pretty much salvage the situation.

Character and story development

The charm that lies in Hataraki Man is the manner in which it approaches its character and story development. In as much as the story revolves around a workaholic, the series does not venture snapshot20061013220253off into other storylines that are detrimental to the overall theme of the whole show. They instead decide to go deep into each character and develop them. They look at the Japanese society as well in analysing how this sort of characters comes to develop within the society and its overall effects to the social life of each character.

Having to go deeper into each characters life may seem a bit intrusive, however the series still maintains the interesting bit of the whole series while at it. Though the truth is that the theme of Hataraki Man is rather closed than open ended to its developers, they do a great job of showcasing a topic that is rather ignored when it comes to anime. They convey the effects of a workaholic society and do a very good job at it. Also the fact that the episodes are short ensures that the series does not get too boring and redundant as well.

Most people after watching Hataraki Man will definitely reclassify it to a sitcom (for anime series, if there is anything like that). This is because it delves into the lives of its characters in a normal life scenario. Not only is this anime unique but it also brings out a strong message on maintaining a work and life balance.

Either you are a kid or a grown up, you are going to love the entertainment anime characters can give you. They will add more fun in your life and take you to a world of fantasy that you won’t ever forget. With season and serials conquering the world to their fullest there also have been a lot of interesting change in anime area. They are not at all boring now rather they totally have a unique kind of story that you just can’t enjoy with the routine heroes and heroines. They will provide you with a break from movies and stuffs with their cartoon and maxresdefaultpowtoon interfaces.

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