What You Should Expect On Hataraki Man Anime

The story of Hataraki Man (which is literal for working man) is based off the character Matsukata. She is an editor at a weekly magazine and she is known to be a workaholic. In order to understand the extremity of her workaholic nature, even workaholics in her workplace are surprised by the intense work that Matsukata puts in. Whenever she is in a position where she has to meet a deadline, Matsukata shuts out everything apart from her work and is said that she can achieve up to three times more output in this mode. This is a story about an extreme workaholic (her gender is not a mistake as well) and how she juggles this with her social life.

Matsukata has a boyfriend, but due to her workaholic nature, their 253161-1relationship has been on the deathbed for a long time. Shinji, her boyfriend, is also immersed in his work and even though they live together they seem to be miles away from each other.  This story will definitely conjure up emotions from women because it pretty much relates to the tribulations that career women face while trying to maintain a work – life balance.

Character development

Although Hataraki Man is mainly about Matsukata, each episode highlights a different character who’s in her close circle. By doing so, Hataraki Man is able to tell her story through the eyes of other people. Also by understanding how the other characters in Matsukata’s life are like you get to understand how her social life is connected to them. Furthermore, there are some pretty interesting characters surrounding her and they bring out the life in the whole anime series.

The best thing about how each character is developed is that they represent another world or reality far different from Matsukata’s. for example, there are female editors in her workplace but who concentrate on other things such as their family more than they do  on work. It gives one a sense of understanding of how each person’s life turns out and gives women a good outlook on the challenges that suffice from trying to balance both work and family.

Story development

The story development is also on point in Hatasaki Man. A certain theme can be developed in more than 1 episode making the whole series to feel hataraki-manreal. For example at the beginning of the series, Matsukata writes about a corrupt politician and publishes it. In as much as that particular episode has its own conclusion, we get to see the whole story about the corrupt politician being built up in subsequent episodes even with comments from other people and magazines being incorporated as well. Rather than having stand alone episodes, the author of the series decided to give it a more mature setting that follows up on the happenings that occur in Matsukata’s life.

Hataraki Man is short with 11 episodes and its series finale does not do much justice to the main character. However, hopefully more episodes will be released on the same in the near future.

Either you are a kid or a grown up, you are going to love the entertainment anime characters can give you. They will add more fun in your life and take you to a world of fantasy that you won’t ever forget. With season and serials conquering the world to their fullest there also have been a lot of interesting change in anime area. They are not at all boring now rather they totally have a unique kind of story that you just can’t enjoy with the routine heroes and heroines. They will provide you with a break from movies and stuffs with their cartoon and maxresdefaultpowtoon interfaces.

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