10 Interesting Facts About Hataraki Man

Hataraki Man is a story about Matsusaka Hiroko and how she struggles in order to maintain a work and life balance in her life. She is however more inclined to her career and her partner’s own inclination to his job does little to salvage the emotional hurt that they both endure. This story gives women around the world more hope that one can be able to chase their career goals while at the same time maintaining a good relationship with their better half. Here are 10 interesting facts about Hataraki Man;

  1. Both Hiroko and Shinji are extreme work maniacs and although Hataraki Man is more about Hiroko, Shinji hirako_shinji_coloring_by_diablo123456also plays a role in enhancing the anime’s theme.
  2. Hataraki Man has gotten a wide following from many women who feel that the series relates to their lives. As a result many people have associated the authorship of the whole show to be that of a woman when in fact Hataraki Man is written by a man.
  3. Despite having most of its episodes aired later than the original time that was intended, Hataraki Man still managed to gain a wide audience and a 4.1% rating given that show aired at its time hardly even get to 4% rating at all.
  4. In as much as the last episode shows that work is definitely the best thing to look for in life, the Hataraki Man also has other themes that show of Hiroko’s apparent lack of satisfaction in as much as she is successful in her work. The show pretty much shows both aspects of the working lifestyle and the ending was crafted in a manner that deludes viewers to keep them debating on the merits and demerits of work vs fun.
  5. e98f606abd07299ab06761df89af62c4The Hataraki Man is based off Anno Moyocco’s manga. She generally deals with gender issues and Hataraki Man pretty much displays this side of her by highlighting the dilemma of career women.
  6. Hiroko does not only concentrate on work but she also likes to have fun go out shopping and have a great social life with her friens. Many people confuse the fact that she likes working to mean that she completely ignores having fun as well.
  7. Shinji is probably more of an extreme worker than Hiroko, however he gets unlucky in his work pursuits as opposed to Hiroko who is currently successful at her job.
  8. Many people consider Hataraki Man more interesting than other slide of life series (if not the most interesting in that category).
  9. Many people feel that the series is about the Japanese culture and how they don’t have time for anything else apart from work. It is abit true, however, the Hataraki Man was created to empower women who would prefer pursuing their career and showcases the limitations that may come with it.
  10. Hataraki man can neither be classified as Joisei or seinen. It strikes the balance betwenn the two forms.
Either you are a kid or a grown up, you are going to love the entertainment anime characters can give you. They will add more fun in your life and take you to a world of fantasy that you won’t ever forget. With season and serials conquering the world to their fullest there also have been a lot of interesting change in anime area. They are not at all boring now rather they totally have a unique kind of story that you just can’t enjoy with the routine heroes and heroines. They will provide you with a break from movies and stuffs with their cartoon and maxresdefaultpowtoon interfaces.

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