10 Interesting Facts About Anime Series

Anime has increasingly become popular worldwide due the fact that it has a lot of series in different genres that people can easily switch to. Most of the anime series also have relatable characters and are storyline development is usually hard to predict leaving viewers in anticipation of the next episode. However there are many things that people still don’t know about anime. Here are 10 interesting facts that you probably never knew about anime;

  1. Sazae-san an anime that depicts a family setting, with Sazae-san living with her parents, husband and kids is one of the longest animes in history. To date it has been able to release more than 6,400 episodes and it does not seem like it is ending any time soon. Though western audiences may have a hard time watching the anime series, it is increasingly popular in Japan.
  2. zze5uzzThe One Piece anime series got licensed to a broadcast company in North America and as a result it had to be English dubbed. The aftermath of the dub elicited controversy as the original 143 episodes were reduced to 103.
  3. Ever watched Code Geass? Then you should be aware of the number of times that pizza is depicted being ordered from pizza hut despite the fact that it is set up in an another reality(they definitely went too far with this concept). However the main reason for this is because the Japanese pizza hut happens to be the main sponsor for the series. Even more interesting is that Pizza hut Japan has sponsored more than 35 other anime series as well.
  4. When it comes to marriage, there is a match made from heaven and a match made from anime. The creator of Hunter x hunter and the one for Sailor Moon happen to be married, coincidence? (I don’t think so)
  5. If you are a fan of Death note then this should get you by surprise. It appears that there is a death note eraser. If you erase the name of someone in the Death note they will come back to life. However this is only depicted in the manga and not the anime.
  6. Another interesting fact from Death Note is that if the owner misspells the name of the person they wanted death-note-full-1910102dead four times, then that person would be free from him. However, the death note owner will instead die in that other person’s place.
  7. Again, based on Death Note, Death Note can’t kill anyone who happens to be less than 780 days old.
  8. Apart from releasing interesting and incredulous shows, anime has been making money as well. Did you know that the highest grossing anime film made $275 million (Spirited Away)? Well now you do.
  9. Far from the earnings that animes make, when it comes to cost apparently 10% of all its budget goes towards drawing bento boxes and eyes. How 10% goes into that beats us as well.
  10. And the average amount that is used to make an anime series is between $100,000 USD to $200,000 USD.
Either you are a kid or a grown up, you are going to love the entertainment anime characters can give you. They will add more fun in your life and take you to a world of fantasy that you won’t ever forget. With season and serials conquering the world to their fullest there also have been a lot of interesting change in anime area. They are not at all boring now rather they totally have a unique kind of story that you just can’t enjoy with the routine heroes and heroines. They will provide you with a break from movies and stuffs with their cartoon and maxresdefaultpowtoon interfaces.

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